Advent Devotional – December 18

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There was a time I thought I was capable of almost anything. I was young, intelligent, and strong. Though my youth remains, I’ve realized there is much left to learn, and more things are discovered each day. Unfortunately, I no longer posses the physical capabilities I once had. I’m learning to live with chronic pain which can drain you of strength both physically and mentally.

Most people don’t realize the toll that pain can take on your life. With enough rest, physical therapy, and medication, they physical aspect can be controlled, but it wears upon your soul. First, you are unable to make it completely through the activities that go beyond the everyday, then you stop doing many of the things you enjoy. Soon, you no longer have the determination to get up on Sunday morning for either Sunday School or Church, then your relationship with God starts to suffer. This happens over such a period of time that you don’t even realize what is happening until you have a very empty feeling that you cannot explain and cannot fill.

If you are very fortunate, God finds His way back into your life. He opens your eyes and shows you what is missing. Then it is up to you to begin the journey to spiritual recover. Often it is necessary to seek the help of family and friends on this journey, sometimes you feel very much alone. Then it is very important to open your eyes to see who is beside you and remember He will never let you down.

The road to recover is very long and it’s a road that should never be traveled alone. God walks behind you when you are tired, beside you when you are weary, and when you are exhausted, he will carry you.

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for your patience, strength, and wisdom. Stay with each of us as we face each day’s trouble. Help us Lord, not to lose sight of our life’s direction. Most of all, we praise you for your mercy and love. Amen. 

by Lisa Williams, reprinted from 1997

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