Advent Devotional – December 22

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The Journey That Changed My Life

I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3

Her children arise and call her blessed… Proverbs 31:28

On August 5th of this year, my grandmother Alice Snedegar, who my family affectionately called “Granny Alice” took her special journey to Heaven. During her lifetime, she was so faithful to pray for the salvation of her family that she dearly loved. Over the years, she got to see many of us accept Jesus as our savior, and some of us return back. One of her greatest joys came near the end of her life, when her son (my dad), whom she’d prayer for and preached to for so many years, made his way back to Jesus and back to church. On the day before Granny Alice passed away, dad told his pastor that he was so glad his mom got to see the change in him – her prayers answered. She was a Godsend to her family and a blessing to so many in the 90+ years that she graced this earth with her presences. I would like to dedicate this Advent devotion to my precious Granny Alice. 

On February 5th, 1980, it was a cold snowy evening. My Granny Alice and a couple from church were going to brave the cold to attend a revival service at the Camargo First Church of God. She called and asked if I’d like to go, and I gladly accepted her invitation. Little did I know that this night out with Granny would change my life.

I don’t remember much about the drive over to Camargo or even the sermon, but when Brother Ben Jordan, the evangelist gave the altar call, something began to stir in my heart. As a 10-year-old, I wasn’t quite sure what was going on inside of me. The congregation sang a couple verses of an invitation hymn, and Brother Ben said a few words about being lost. I didn’t like the feeling of being lost so I nervously reached over and took Granny Alice’s hand. She walked with me to the altar where we knelt together as our pastor Brother Lowell Rice joined us. I told him that I wanted to be saved, and still holding Granny’s hand, Brother Rice led me in a sinner’s prayer. When I got up to walk back to my seat, I remember the tears just flowing, but they were indeed happy tears, as I had just accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior – I was a new creation through Jesus; my name had been written in the Lamb’s Book of Life; I was a child of God!

Now here I am nearly 39 years later, and as I write this Advent devotion, I still have tears flowing – grateful tears for a dear sweet grandmother who loved me enough to invite me on the journey that changed my life, and who no doubt had been praying for my salvation, as she did for all of her family; and also grateful to my loving Savior Jesus Christ, who took away my sins – past, present, and future, and in exchange gave me His righteousness, as well as the great promise of eternal life with Him in Heaven – the place where I can one day join my precious Granny Alice and we can sing praises to our Savior together for all eternity!

Heavenly Father, thank you for my Granny Alice, and for her faithfulness to pray for her family’s salvation. Thank you for making that salvation possible through Your Son Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate, and thank you that because of that salvation we will one day be reunited withour dear loved ones who’ve gone on before us. In Jesus name, Amen. 

by Michelle Ray

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